There's an Exponential Audio reverb for any project

From mono to surround and realistic to musical


Exquisite reverbs with legendary origins

Founder and creator Michael Carnes, who worked on many of the most iconic Lexicon reverbs, brings his technical and creative expertise to these powerful and versatile reverb plug-ins. Exponential Audio reverbs are the choice of audio professionals around the world on countless award-winning albums, TV shows, and movies.



Ready-to-go presets for music & post

With hundreds of presets in each plug-in to choose from—including rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more—you’ll be able to quickly get to the right amount of space and depth for your mix, no matter how tight the deadline. Whether you’re mixing a vocal with a stereo plate or fitting your dialogue into a pristine room in Atmos 7.1.4, there’s a preset for you!



High-quality algorithms, fast processing

Exponential Audio plug-ins are fast and easy on the CPU, right out of the gate. Additionally, each plug-in monitors its own activity and shuts itself off when it's not busy. When audio starts again, so does the plug-in, without losing a sample.


"iZotope and Exponential Audio joining forces is a marriage made in heaven! Both companies are doing some really innovative stuff working in surround, and it’s a perfect combination. I use each one of their products in every mix."

—Alan Meyerson | Music scoring mixer, GRAMMY winner
    Dunkirk, Aquaman, Blade Runner 2049

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