Free Reverb Tips and Tutorials for Music and Post Production

Whether you're after a reverb sound that is natural, vintage, modulating, or metallic, learn how to get there with iZotope's free reverb tips, tricks, and tutorials. 

Learn what reverb does, how each type of reverb impacts a signal, how to avoid common mistakes, and more.


Why Use Reverb in Music Production?

Add an overall space and sense of depth to your mix

Localize an individual sound source to place it in a unique space

Add subtle character and dimension to a track

Impart an era, genre, feeling, or vibe

Why Use Reverb in Post Production?

Empart emotion by matching or mismatching reverb to visuals

Make futuristic sound effects with creative, non-realistic settings

Speed up ADR by matching dialogue to realistic scenes and spaces

Use on Foley to establish an artifact-free sense of space

Essential Reverb Tips and Tutorials for Music Production

Essential Reverb Tips and Tutorials for Post Production

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