Isolate a Vocal with Music Rebalance in RX 7

Izotope Day One Edits -6550

Music Rebalance is a revolutionary source separation tool that allows you to shift and isolate mix elements like vocals, bass and percussion—all from a single mono or stereo file. For example, now you can isolate a vocal from a pop song and then reintroduce that vocal into a whole new environment for a remix.

To get started isolating my vocals open up Music Rebalance in RX 7 and turn down the Other, Percussion and Bass sliders, leaving the Voice slider at its default of zero. Choose your separation algorithm, then adjust your sensitivity meter to the left to more strictly define the sum vocals from the rest of the file. When you’re ready, press render.

Now you can export the file and prepare it for a remix in an entirely new genre environment thanks to Music Rebalance.

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