How to Use Music Rebalance in RX 7


Music Rebalance is a new game-changing source separation tool in RX 7 which allows you to shift and isolate mix elements like vocals, bass and percussion from a file. Learn how to remove vocals from a song and more:

Remixes and live recordings

With Music Rebalance, you can isolate a vocal from pop song, and then reintroduce that vocal into a whole new environment for a remix. You can even remove the muddiest of instrument bleed from live, off-the-floor vocal recordings.

Dialogue placement in the mise-en-scéne

For the post production pros, you can easily attenuate or remove sung vocals that are interfering with talent dialogue by using Music Rebalance. You can even use Music Rebalance right inside of Pro Tools as an AudioSuite plug-in to clear a path for actors’ dialogue by attenuating sung vocals in background music.

Get Music Rebalance in RX 7, a new frontier in audio repair.

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