Aubrey Haddard Performs "Swim" with Spire Studio


Boston based singer-songwriter, Aubrey Haddard, is no stranger to the stage. Whether she’s performing an NPR Tiny Desk show or just jamming with her partner, Charley, her voice always steals the show.

We invited Aubrey Haddard and Charley Ruddell to record in our studio on a songwriter’s dream recording device—Spire Studio. Watch as they perform their somber and striking single “Swim” on Spire Studio. With just Haddard’s voice, a Fender Jazzmaster electric, a Fender Mustang bass, a Korg Minilogue analog synth, and Spire Studio, the duo recorded a professional session and mix. No DAWs required.

Haddard’s partner, Charley, gave us a quick rundown of his song:

“Swim” is a somber waltz in the key of C# minor. It features a Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar, Fender Mustang bass, and a Korg Minilogue analog synthesizer. “Swim” examines the role that grief plays within friendship. To help a friend find peace in tragedy, Aubrey offers to take him up the Atlantic coast and visit the New England beaches where happy memories remain intact.”

Follow along on your Spire app and download the exact session Aubrey Haddard performs. 

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