3 Free Preset Packs: VocalSynth, Neutron, and Ozone 7


iZotope created three free preset packs for VocalSynth, Neutron, and Ozone customers. Each "Larger Than Life" preset pack features bold, in-your-face presets designed to inspire creativity at every stage of the production process. The presets are perfect for a variety of instruments, including vocals, guitars, synths, drums, as well as mixing and mastering. Enjoy!

Download Larger Than Life preset packs:

Larger Than Life preset packs are compatible with:

Installation instructions:

  • Download each preset pack individually.
  • Once unzipped, add them to the “Global Presets” folder of the corresponding plug-in.

For Windows go to:C:\Users\[current user]\My Documents\iZotope\[iZotope product name]\Global Presets.

For Mac go to: Macintosh HD/Users/[current user]/Documents/iZotope/[iZotope product name]/Global Presets.

  • Open your plug-in and search the Preset folder to ensure it installed correctly.