Perfect Your Vocal Production with iZotope Audio Plug-ins

vocal booth

iZotope plug-ins can assist with vocal production from the recording stage through to the final mix. In this video learn how to use each piece of Vocal Bundle to  mix, and creatively process your vocals to take them from rough to radio-ready.

Reduce and remove unwanted noise with RX Elements

RX Elements offers a range of tools to tackle anything from common mouth-clicks to complex hums spread over the spectrum. Easily detect noise, clipping and clicks in your vocal track with Repair Assistant's intelligent processing suggestions. While RX Elements isn't in the 2019 Vocal Bundle, audio repair is an important step of the vocal production process, as the above video indicates.

Polish and pitch-correct your vocal with Nectar and Melodyne

Pitch correction is a great tool to help craft superhuman vocal performances. Use the global pitch setting in Nectar 3, or go note-by-note in Melodyne for more precise editing. Give your vocals a pitch-corrected edge and clear sound witn Melodyne and Nectar.

Process and sculpt the tone of the vocal with Nectar 3's Vocal Assistant

Like RX Elements, Nectar 3 is equipped with assistive audio technology to help you tackle the most challenging of tracks. Vocal Assistant analyzes and suggests a custom starting preset for you to tweak to taste.

Carve out space for your vocal with Relay and Nectar 3's Unmask 

EQ is usually used to cut frequencies in other tracks that might be masking the vocal, but with Nectar 3 you can use the Unmask feature alongside Relay to streamline this process for you through Inter-Plugin Communication. 

Dig into the vocal with VocalSynth 2's modules to add extra color

VocalSynth 2 is packed with modules that easily blend together and allow you to add extra color to your vocals. Whether it's depth and smoothness with Biovox, robot-like feels with Vocoder, grit with Compuvox or smoothness with Talkbox, creative vocal decisions are a sinch with VocalSynth 2.  

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