How to Fill Ambience Gaps in Dialogue | Audio Repair Tips

It can challenging to work with clips that have significant background ambience cut tight to the dialogue. It seems the only solution is the tedious search for bits of clean ambience to insert within the dialogue.

But with the new Ambience Match module, available only in RX 4 Advanced, it’s now easy to quickly create custom ambience to fill the ambience gaps in dialogue!

First, select the two clips you want to connect with new ambience. In your DAW, highlight a selection that includes both clips (making sure to add a little extra room at the ends of each clip). Using RX Connect, send the audio from your DAW into the RX standalone application. Select “Repair” then click “Send.”

RX PRO TIP: Use RX Monitor to route your audio from the RX standalone through your DAW and into your normal DAW monitoring. You no longer have to swap your monitoring from your DAW output to your RX output!

Then, use the Ambience Match module to “learn” the ambience of the selected tracks. Ambience Match analyses the two clips and creates custom, matching background ambience. If there is a level jump from the empty sections to the dialogue, use the Trim Control to increase the level of the ambience as needed. Preview your selection to ensure you are happy with the results, then click “Process” to apply your settings.

Finally, send the repaired audio back into your DAW using RX Connect. Click “Render” to apply your repaired audio back into your DAW timeline. Add fade in and fade outs, and you’re good to go!

RX PRO TIP: With RX 4 Advanced, it’s possible to solo just the custom ambience—and save it as a preset for future use. Simply click the gear wheel icon, choose “Add preset,” give your custom ambience a name, and click “Save.” Now, you can apply that bed of custom ambience anywhere in your DAW’s audio tracks, in any project.

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