How GRAMMY-winning producer Neal Pogue Used Ozone 8 On Robyn’s ‘Honey’

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Take a seat next to the mixer's chair with GRAMMY-winning producer, mix engineer and Ozone fanatic Neal Pogue as he reveals how he used Ozone 8 to mix songs on Robyn's 'Honey'.

“Recently I finished mixing 7 out of 9 songs on Swedish artist Robyn's Honey which reached #1 on Billboards Top Dance Electronics Album chart. A first for my career on that chart. I was thrilled even if it was for only a week.

“I really enjoyed mixing the songs on Honey. It felt like they came from a special place in Robyn’s heart, plus she took her time with it from what I learned, so I wanted to give it the respect it deserved.

“My favorite song on the album is ‘Ever Again.’ I used my trusty Ozone 8 over the stereo bus which is the Robin (no pun) to my Batman. I love using the Equalizer in the chain which I added a bit of 80 Hz @ 0.5 dB (bell) which adds a little hump on the bottom, a touch of 800 hz @ 0.2dB (bell) to round it out, 5 dB @ 0.6 dB (bell) to open the top a bit and added a touch of air 12 dB @ 0.3 dB with a high shelf.

"Most people may not hear it. However, they will feel it, and that's what I'm going for. It creates an emotion."

“Also on the Ozone I added the Maximizer on IRC LL Mode (no added transients or sustain) which I love to describe it as lifting and pushing my mixes. Giving the mix a little more crunch. I just love how the maximizer just puts the mix right in your chest.

Ozone 8 Vintage Compressor

“Last but not least I added the Vintage Compressor. The style of 'Ever Again' took me back to the 80’s so I wanted to have a little fun and pay homage to that era. I love how the Vintage Compressor just made the mix breathe. I told myself that I was definitely going to use it more on other projects. I put it in smooth mode, kept the ratio at 2:1, basically on its default settings and just let it do its thing. I loved how it made the song feel. 

“I pretty much used the Ozone 8 across the stereo bus on all seven songs in some capacity. I’ve been an Ozone fan since version 4. I always look forward to the new versions of Ozone. Keep them coming.”

—Neal Pogue

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